New Experiences With TM Business Solutions

At TM Business Solutions we are committed to providing personal and professional growth opportunities to each and every one of our employees. This doesn’t stop, however, within the limits of our Providence office walls. Attending business and leadership seminars and conferences around the country are some of the perks of working with us. Not only does this broaden our team’s horizons but it also gives them the chance to learn from some of the industries finest!

TM-Business-Solutions-Philly2Some of our team, including Antwan Handy, recently attended a leadership seminar in Philadelphia. Antwan has been working with TM Business Solutions for just over four months, so for him, this was his first opportunity to go on one of our trips. He told us that his favorite part was the breakout meetings because rather than being in a huge hall with hundreds of people, they were in a small group setting with people in similar positions and points of their careers. They were able to collaborate on best practices and share their experiences with one another. Antwan also enjoyed hearing from successful entrepreneurs and the struggles that they faced while they continued to develop themselves.

“My biggest takeaway from the leadership seminar was that no matter where you are at in your career, the same fundamental principles applied in your personal and professional life will make you successful.” Antwan Handy

While in Philadelphia we were also able to attend another firm’s charity event for TM-Business-Solutions-Smiles3Operation Smile.  “The fundraiser was off the charts,” said Antwan. ”I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life! Can’t wait to go again next year!” In addition to enjoying some photo booth fun, great food and drinks at JD McGillicudy’s, the event was able to raise over $1000 in just a few hours to donate to this amazing cause. Operation Smile is one of our favorite foundations to partner with, be sure to keep an eye out for a TM Business Solutions sponsored event in the Providence area soon!

Where will our next adventure take the TM Business Solutions team? Be sure to follow us on Instagram @tmbizsolutions to find out!


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