Big Event – Big Checks! TM Business Solutions Takes the Stage in Austin, TX

Can you believe the first quarter is almost over?! That’s 25% of the year, gone!IMG_5948 It’s crazy to think that we were just in Austin, Texas at our annual kickoff meeting discussing goals for the year and reflecting on last year’s. This meeting is always one of the biggest industry events of the year and definitely worth reliving. Management shared their experiences and takeaways with the rest of us here at TM Business Solutions and here are some of the highlights!

After arriving to Austin, Texas, Scott and Alicia met up with other event attendees and grabbed some food on the infamous Sixth Street. Then it was on to campaign meetings, an opportunity for management to hear from the clients on their specific campaign needs, recognize top performers, and discuss the vision of their businesses. The first day concluded with a welcome reception mixer of appetizers and cocktails before everyone made their way back to their hotel rooms. TM-Business-Solutions-KTS16

Saturday was a big day, jam-packed with knowledge. From the main session (where all 500+ attendees gathered) to the smaller group breakout sessions, Scott and Alicia each took in a lot of new pointers to bring back to Providence and share with our TM Business Solutions team. In addition to learning new things, they were also reminded of best practices that may have since been lost.

“My biggest takeaway (or more so a reminder) from all of the meetings in Austin was to rely on the basic concepts of business and don’t over complicate things. Just because you have more experience does not mean that you need to make the methodology more complicated. Simplicity is key to training new employees and growing our business!” explained Scott.

Scott also walked away with a big award, literally, in Austin. He was awarded with a giant check for our team’s high performance in the first few months in Rhode Island. It was not only a testament to his leadership, but also the hard-work of the entire TM Business Solutions team. He says that he’s looking forward to more, bigger and better, bonuses in the future!

Alicia, our Human Resources Manager, said that she really enjoyed the positive perspective that one of her HR sessions focused on while in Austin. They discussed how no matter what challengestm-business-solutions-kts0 your company may be facing, there is always something positive to build upon. “Although we are doing extremely well currently, it’s always a great reminder that no matter what your situation is, personally or professionally, there always positive things to build upon!” added Alicia.

The weekend was filled with tons of knowledge, networking, bonuses and fun! This was just one of the many events that we are able to attend every year to help fine tune our skills and enhance our company. Be sure to connect with TM Business Solutions on LinkedIn to hear more from our business events.


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