She’s Got That Girl Boss Hustle at TM Business Solutions

TM Business Solutions in Providence, Rhode Island is crushing client goals left and right. Be it an increase in overall revenue, strategic product sales, new customer acquisition, customer retention or internal company growth; they have achieved almost every target that their clients have set in front of them, and some they have blazed right past! We learned very quickly that a large portion of this success is due to the stellar team that makes up the local sales and marketing firm. Recently we took the time to get to know of the top Corporate Trainers, Devon Fillman. Check out her story!

Devtm-business-solutions-devon1on grew up in Atco, New Jersey and attended Stockton University where she majored in Business Management and minored in Psychology. Prior to joining the TM Business Solutions team a year ago, she was an Account Executive in legal recruiting. Devon told us that having the freedom to be herself and the amount of growth that’s provided by the company are some of the aspects that she enjoys most about what she does now, and something that was missing in her previous career.

‘But what is it that makes her such a key player at TM Business Solutions,’ we wondered. President, Scott Yeingst said this about Devon, “She is always willing to do whatever it takes to help herself, and others reach their goals. Her belief in her coaches and faith in the process are also unmatched.”

In Devon’s eyes, she attributes the success that she has had thus far with the company totm-business-solutions-devon2 her ability to build personal relationships with customers and teammates by asking lots of questions and truly listening to what their needs and goals are.  She also said, “I don’t sugar coat anything. I’m very blunt and to the point.” A quality that many people may find surprisingly refreshing!

“Devon has an unflinchingly, rigid drive to reach her goals.” – President of TM Business Solutions, Scott Yeingst

In the next 10-20 years, Devon plans on settling down and having a family of her own, living somewhere warm (with no snow, she emphasized!) She also wants to be able to take care of her parents financially. Her professional goals involve helping open offices around the country and being in a position where she can help mold and coach individuals who want to be successful in their careers. At the rate that she is going, we have no doubt that she will achieve said goals and more!

To learn more about TM Business Solutions and to follow all of Devon’s success, follow them on LinkedIn.


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