She’s Got That Girl Boss Hustle at TM Business Solutions

TM Business Solutions in Providence, Rhode Island is crushing client goals left and right. Be it an increase in overall revenue, strategic product sales, new customer acquisition, customer retention or internal company growth; they have achieved almost every target that their clients have set in front of them, and some they have blazed right past! We learned very quickly that a large portion of this success is due to the stellar team that makes up the local sales and marketing firm. Recently we took the time to get to know of the top Corporate Trainers, Devon Fillman. Check out her story!

Devtm-business-solutions-devon1on grew up in Atco, New Jersey and attended Stockton University where she majored in Business Management and minored in Psychology. Prior to joining the TM Business Solutions team a year ago, she was an Account Executive in legal recruiting. Devon told us that having the freedom to be herself and the amount of growth that’s provided by the company are some of the aspects that she enjoys most about what she does now, and something that was missing in her previous career.

‘But what is it that makes her such a key player at TM Business Solutions,’ we wondered. President, Scott Yeingst said this about Devon, “She is always willing to do whatever it takes to help herself, and others reach their goals. Her belief in her coaches and faith in the process are also unmatched.”

In Devon’s eyes, she attributes the success that she has had thus far with the company totm-business-solutions-devon2 her ability to build personal relationships with customers and teammates by asking lots of questions and truly listening to what their needs and goals are.  She also said, “I don’t sugar coat anything. I’m very blunt and to the point.” A quality that many people may find surprisingly refreshing!

“Devon has an unflinchingly, rigid drive to reach her goals.” – President of TM Business Solutions, Scott Yeingst

In the next 10-20 years, Devon plans on settling down and having a family of her own, living somewhere warm (with no snow, she emphasized!) She also wants to be able to take care of her parents financially. Her professional goals involve helping open offices around the country and being in a position where she can help mold and coach individuals who want to be successful in their careers. At the rate that she is going, we have no doubt that she will achieve said goals and more!

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Trading Pot Holes for Palm Trees at TM Business Solutions

Providence-based TM Business Solutions receives the honor of sending one of their top Corporate Trainers, to an invite-only industry event held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Antonitm-business-solutions-scottsdaleo Dasti has been breaking the internet lately with all of his accolades, so why not add one more? In addition to being ranked the number one representative who represents our client nationwide, he was won countless awards, contests and continues to raise the bar for himself and his team in Providence. He recently attended a highly sought after event in Arizona for the best of the best in the industry. Read on to learn more about his exciting weekend and some of the most impactful messages he brought back to TM Business Solutions.

After arriving into Scottsdale Thursday night, Antonio met up with some of the other attendees at the hotel before settling in for the night. Friday was an early morning breakfast to get start off a full day of meetings. Being one of only 50 people invited to this event is a huge honor. Now, some may think that spending a day in meetings is not a ‘reward’, which might be true. However, when you are driven to succeed and are given the opportunity to sit down, in an intimate group setting, with rock stars in your industry who are willing to teach you how to be successful… you’re stoked. Topics included things like leadership development in yourself and others, goal setting, and business operations. Once the meetings finished, the entire group went to Wasted Grain for dinner and drinks (covered of course.)

Antonio had been in a competition, representing TM Business Solutions, for a few weeks tm-business-solutions-antonioscottsdaleprior to this event in which he had the chance to compete for prizes in Scottsdale. The competition was based off revenue generated for the clients, and he cruuuushed it. One of the things he won was breakfast and some one on one time with an extremely successful entrepreneur, business mentor, and the host of the entire event, Matthew. So Saturday morning, him and seven others who were in the competition with him, had breakfast at Matthew’s beautiful home. Then, Antonio was personally driven to that day’s meetings with him! “He’s kind of a scary driver,” laughed Antonio. They ended up being a few minutes late to the meetings, but apparently when you are with the host, people don’t mind.

Antonio told us that he took a lot away from the time spent with Matthew, but the biggest thing was how he put the length of your career in reference to time,

“He essentially explained that a 60-year career is like 60 minutes, 6 months would equate to 30 seconds. This hit home because being a young professional it’s important to remember that although it seems like I’ve been working towards my goals for a long time, I’ve really only scratched the surface,” explained Antonio.

tm-business-solutions-cashThe biggest night of the event was Saturday night when the whole group (all 50+ of them) were taken around Scottsdale in Party Busses! Antonio made sure to mention that he was a part of the “fun bus” and although their driver got lost, twice, people from the other bus kept joining! Another prize that he won during the competition was $500 in cash for spending in Scottsdale. The first thing he did was have the driver stop at a liquor store and bought drinks for everyone on board. No wonder people kept joining their bus and why nobody cared they were lost!

After the event, Antonio had tons of knowledge and fun stories to share, but the stand-out message that he received was “stop getting distracted with things that have nothing to do with your goals.” He also told us that he felt like a celebrity while he was there. Coming to the event as the number one representative nationwide; everyone wanted to talk to him and ask for advice! It seemed like a feeling he could definitely get used to.

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