He’s the Next Big Thing at TM Business Solutions

If you have been following TM Business Solutions on any form of social media, you have seen this name pop up time and time again…Antonio Dasti. He’s been recognized for his high performance in all aspects of our company from delivering high results for clients to his leadership ability with his team. So we figured it was about time you got to know him a little bit better!
tm-business-solutions-antonioscottsdaleAntonio grew up in Bayville, New Jersey as the 2nd oldest of 7 siblings, with one brother and five sisters in total! Throughout his childhood, he also has fond memories of spending a lot of time with extended family in Kentucky as well. Growing up he considered himself to be extremely outdoorsy. Hunting, fishing, and camping were (and still are) some of his favorite pastimes. Becoming a Boy Scout at a young age, Antonio earned the prestigious Eagle Scout honor by the time he was 18.
Prior to working with TM Business Solutions, Antonio was an actor! Living in Bayville he was also a cadet with the Fire Department at Station 20. (Insert shout out to his Station 20 peeps here) He was actually just looking for a job to save up some money to move to New York when he started with the company and fell in love with the opportunity that he had found.
tm-business-solutions-scottandantonioAntonio has been recognized with TM Business Solutions on three different occasions regionally and nationally for his leadership skills as well as being ranked in the top 10 representatives nationally for our client (out of hundreds.) He believes that it comes down to consistency. “I’m consistent with my effort every day reaching the goals our client sets out for us as well as with the training I provide my team. It’s systematic, easy to replicate and I can show them the right example,” he explained. In addition to that, Antonio told us that being in a leadership role, it is extremely important to develop strong relationships with your team, something he is great at doing. President, Scott Yeingst added,

“Antonio’s a bad a**. He does a great job setting the pace for his team. He leads from the front and has a down for whatever type of attitude. He is always willing to help and take on more responsibility when needed.”

When we asked Antonio about his goals moving forward, he answered in a very definitive tone, as in, it’s not if, but when these things will happen. Here’s what he told us,

“I will be one of the youngest Managers promoted at the age of 20 by March of 2017. I am also going to help my family out financially. I’m going to help send my sister Skylar to college. I’m also going to pay off my other sister, Tiffany’s college debt. As for my parents, they want to explore the world in their RV and I will help support their trip. Oh, and personally I am going to own two trucks and a fast car.”

What’s lies ahead for Antonio is exciting; he is moving rapidly up the ladder of success and you don’t want to miss out! Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with him and the rest of the TM Business Solutions team.


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