TM Business Solutions Continues to Impress Clients and Reaps the Benefits

TM Business Solutions in Providence, Rhode Island, represents some of the largest corporations in the world. A job only suited for hard working, integrity driven and overachieving individuals, such as this team. These companies come to TM to help them achieve certain revenue goals in a particular market. Well, in only three months they have exceeded every target set in front of them and are excited to continue their growth in the coming year. The Providence team has really been feeling the love from their clients this Holiday season, check out all of the bonuses and incentives that have been awarded to them!


Who doesn’t love a good party? Recently the TM Business Solutions team won a bonus for achieving a certain revenue goal for the client and the client awarded them with a cash bonus to be used for an office party. They decided on Snooker’s in Providence for a night of pool, drinks, and appetizers! Everyone from the company came, with friends and significant others, which made for an awesome time.

tm-business-solutions-scratchoffsThere has also been an ongoing contest for all of the employees at TM Business Solutions. Whenever someone reaches a goal (set by the client based on strategic products sales) they get a scratch ticket. The prize is a certain amount of points, which can vary from a little to a lot. Once they have accumulated a certain amount of points, they can essentially “cash in” those points for hundreds of different prizes. These prizes can be things like flights, tablets, gift cards, cell phones and much, much more! It has been an awesome way for the team in Providence to continue to reap the benefits of all of their hard work.

In addition to the above, they’ve also received lots of “corporate swag” from their clients. Things like, a new winter jacket, a messenger bag, and even a selfie stick! If you follow them on Instagram you are sure to see the selfie stick in action.

At the end of the day, it’s about delivering a high level of results for clients. This is what allows this marketing and sales firm to continue to grow without an end in sight. To learn more about their company be sure to check them out on LinkedIn.


TM Business Solutions Gives Back

The Providence, Rhode Island team at TM Business Solutions has a passion for helping people. Be it their customers, their clients, each other or the community, they are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. As this company continues to have great success and experiences rapid growth, they feel it is their responsibility to give back to those in need.

This Holiday Season TM Business Solutions has partnered with Toys for Tots, a program designed to help families and children who are less fortunate. This organization delivers a message of hope to these families. By collecting new toys and distributing to those families, they can truly enjoy and experience all the joy of Christmas. Something that everyone deserves.

tm-business-solutions-toysfortotsThe TM Business Solutions team chose this charity in order to bring the Christmas spirit and the Holiday joy to kids that are less fortunate. This time of year is about giving, so what better way to do that than to give back to people in the community that truly need it. They have put together a Toys for Tots donation box that is located in the lobby of their office for the month of December. The employees as well as friends, family, and people of the community are encouraged to donate toys for the kids and place them in their collection box. You can also purchase a toy on Amazon and have it delivered to their office, see information below! All of the toys that have been collected will be delivered prior to Christmas Eve so when those little, innocent eyes open up on Christmas morning they will be filled with excitement and glee.

Their goal is to collect as many toys as possible and bring joy to as many kids as they possibly can. And they can’t do it all by themselves. If you are interested in helping them reach their goal and helping a child have a magical Christmas, you can purchase a gift on Amazon (any small gift will be cherished by the recipient) and have it shipped to their office: TM Business Solutions 400 Westminster St Suite 204 Providence, Rhode Island 02903. For questions, call Alicia in the Human Resources Department at 401-272-3107.

He’s the Next Big Thing at TM Business Solutions

If you have been following TM Business Solutions on any form of social media, you have seen this name pop up time and time again…Antonio Dasti. He’s been recognized for his high performance in all aspects of our company from delivering high results for clients to his leadership ability with his team. So we figured it was about time you got to know him a little bit better!
tm-business-solutions-antonioscottsdaleAntonio grew up in Bayville, New Jersey as the 2nd oldest of 7 siblings, with one brother and five sisters in total! Throughout his childhood, he also has fond memories of spending a lot of time with extended family in Kentucky as well. Growing up he considered himself to be extremely outdoorsy. Hunting, fishing, and camping were (and still are) some of his favorite pastimes. Becoming a Boy Scout at a young age, Antonio earned the prestigious Eagle Scout honor by the time he was 18.
Prior to working with TM Business Solutions, Antonio was an actor! Living in Bayville he was also a cadet with the Fire Department at Station 20. (Insert shout out to his Station 20 peeps here) He was actually just looking for a job to save up some money to move to New York when he started with the company and fell in love with the opportunity that he had found.
tm-business-solutions-scottandantonioAntonio has been recognized with TM Business Solutions on three different occasions regionally and nationally for his leadership skills as well as being ranked in the top 10 representatives nationally for our client (out of hundreds.) He believes that it comes down to consistency. “I’m consistent with my effort every day reaching the goals our client sets out for us as well as with the training I provide my team. It’s systematic, easy to replicate and I can show them the right example,” he explained. In addition to that, Antonio told us that being in a leadership role, it is extremely important to develop strong relationships with your team, something he is great at doing. President, Scott Yeingst added,

“Antonio’s a bad a**. He does a great job setting the pace for his team. He leads from the front and has a down for whatever type of attitude. He is always willing to help and take on more responsibility when needed.”

When we asked Antonio about his goals moving forward, he answered in a very definitive tone, as in, it’s not if, but when these things will happen. Here’s what he told us,

“I will be one of the youngest Managers promoted at the age of 20 by March of 2017. I am also going to help my family out financially. I’m going to help send my sister Skylar to college. I’m also going to pay off my other sister, Tiffany’s college debt. As for my parents, they want to explore the world in their RV and I will help support their trip. Oh, and personally I am going to own two trucks and a fast car.”

What’s lies ahead for Antonio is exciting; he is moving rapidly up the ladder of success and you don’t want to miss out! Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with him and the rest of the TM Business Solutions team.