TM Business Solutions Employee Spotlight: Scott Yeingst, President

Get to know TM Business Solutions (Providence, RI) President, Scott Yeingst.

Where are you from? I’m from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania which is right near Hershey and also near the middle of nowhere. But ultimately it’s deeply embedded in central PA right in the heart of “Steeler Country.” (As he smirks with a Denver Bronco’s mug on his desk.)


Why did you start working with the company? I started with TM Business Solutions, largely because I was working very hard in a hospital type setting. It was salaried, you have to wait for someone to die or retire to move up, and ultimately I was not being compensated for my work ethic and the amount of devotion that I was putting into the job. So I was seeking, at that point as a young 24 year old, a situation and an opportunity where I could fully take advantage of, not only the work I was putting in, but the opportunity to move upward because of it.

You were able to move up within the company very quick. Why do you think that is? I feel that it is largely because I trusted my coaches and I trusted my work ethic. I was always one of the first ones into the office, I was always going above and beyond what was expected as well as just trusting what my coaches told me. If they had something that wanted me to do and I had a question about it, I would always ask but never doubt the reason behind their answer. So all in all, trusting my coaches and going above and beyond on a regular basis is what really allowed me to even exceed my own expectations and be successful with TM Business Solutions.



What is the best part about your job? What I personally love about what I do for a living is really the amount of flexibility that it comes with. Not only did I get to learn a lot of different skills initially with sales, marketing, development of others and being a great teacher but along the way I’ve had the chance to influence other people to become better themselves and to really get to know them. So ittm-business-solutions-scott-coffee’s been a fantastic opportunity to grow as an individual, help others grow, while still having the flexibility to develop personal and professional relationships with people. Not to mention the freedom of time and income potential! Overall, the opportunity with TM Business Solutions provides a
mix of a lot of great benefits that other companies and positions you may only get a part of.

To hear the best piece of advice the Scott has ever received, watch the full interview on YouTube! Besides his business experience with TM Business Solutions, he also reveals some unknown fun facts about himself that you don’t want to miss!